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Pet Sitting

Fish + Land Lovers Too!

Quick Trip

1-4 Days

Whether you are away for a single day or enjoying a nice long weekend well make sure your pets stay fed, have plenty of water (especially the fish!), and receive lots of attention while you're away.


We offer a range of services for your short trips to fit you and your pets needs. Whether you opt for the standard on-site visits where we feed, water, and interact, etc. with you pet at your location. Or you opt to utilize one of our automated feed and monitoring services with live video, emergency support, in and out of tank sensors, auto-feeders, etc.

No matter the option, we'll make sure you have nothing to worry about when it comes to your pets at home while you are away!

Longer Trip

5+ Days

For those trips that are a week or longer, we understand that attention for your pets and keeping them at ease is critical. Equally important and arguably more important is the monitoring of their environment, equipment, and your home!

Our extended sitting service provides a combination of on-site care for your pets including inspection of critical equipment, and we utilize a verity of technology for continuous monitoring so we can stay up on what is happening at all times and you can too! Technologies provided include things like a live video feed, in tank sensors for temperature, PH, and others, exterior sensors for water leaks, smoke, and power outages, among other tools like auto-feeders to keep your crew well fed while you are away.

No matter how long the trip we are at the ready to provide your pets and your home with exceptional care while you are away!

Land Lovers

We'll Watch Them Too!

Our love for animals extends beyond the water dwelling. Cats, dogs, birds, frogs, we love them all and are ready to provide them with the same high level care during your adventures away!

Let's Get Started!

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