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Health & Equipment Assessment

  • 55 US dollars
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Service Description

1. Visual Inspection: Visually examination of the aquarium to identify any visible issues such as water quality, fish behavior, signs of disease, or equipment malfunctions. 2. Water Testing: It’s important to test the water parameters to assess the quality and identify any imbalances. This can include tests for pH, ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, and other relevant parameters. 3. Disease Identification: If there are sick fish or signs of disease, we attempt to identify the specific ailment and provide recommendations for treatment. 4. Recommendations: Based on the assessment, we offer suggestions to address any identified issues. This may include changes in water parameters, adjustments to feeding routines, equipment upgrades or maintenance, or the need for medication. 5. Photo and Video: We take photos of any possible issues and record a short 5 min. video of the aquarium prior to inspection to be able to review their behavior. If needed, we send the photos and videos to the fish vet (yep, that is a real thing!) That we partner with for a second opinion. 6. Medication Administration: We will administer medications if needed. Medications themselves are not included. 7. Water and Equipment Adjustments: If necessary, we will make adjustments to the water chemistry, which may include, carbon, pH balance, ammonia treatment, temporary add-on water filtration, and temporary hospital tank (depending on availability). 8. Revisit checkup: Either in person or virtual, 2 weeks after the initial assessment. Depending on the course of treatment, for example medication administration, additional visits are necessary. 9. Always available: Call, text, or email (ideally, with photos or videos) if you have any concerns. No concern is too small!

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Fort Thomas, KY, USA

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