How to use the chart of calculation and follow-up of the family budget?

According to the findings, the more complex the family budget calculation table, the less it is used.

This spreadsheet Excel calculation and budget tracking is very easy to use and allows to keep his budget in ten to fifteen minutes per day. Its handling is easy if you are familiar with the Excel spreadsheet.

Calculate the monthly budget.
Since the publication of the study, his colleagues looked at him
with respect and envy. He was at the bottom of the ladder
with his job as a surface technician.

The bank had requested a study on the state of
finances of its employees following requests for loans,
rescheduling or recurring credit purchases.

Many of the employees were in debt.
From all, this lot stood out a debtless employee with
large enough savings. He spared, every month,
between 30 and 50% of his salary. The following question was put to him
by the HRD: how do you live with half your salary?

He replied, “My goal is to buy my house in 5 years.
I do not have the means to pay the interest of a loan, so
I save every month, and I live with the bare necessities. ”

To achieve this result, the surface technician used:

Motivation and determination
Good budget management
The limitation of his desires, of his needs, a frugal life.
A well-defined goal and a deadline.
The refusal of indebtedness.
By the way, this story is true, it was told to me by an employee of this bank.
As much as this employee has achieved his goal, as much as you can effectively hold your budget to stabilize your finances before making the savings necessary to the ardent desires of your heart.

Budget definition:
“The budget is the total revenue and expenditure of a person, a community, a household for a given period. It is also all the sums available. ”

How to establish the family budget?

“Motivation is your starting point. The habit keeps you going. ”
Jim Ryun

To calculate the family budget, you need:
Identify the expense items.
Know or evaluate the amounts spent monthly for each position.
Determine all the resources of the family: wages, pension, benefits, aids, miscellaneous payments.
Calculating the net amounts to be received and the exact date they will be collected is important for budgeting bills and other expenses.
Then each type of expenditure will be classified in one category.

In the family budget calculation table, we propose the following categories:

current expenses,
occasional expenses,
fixed expenses (with sub-categories housing, taxes, insurance, children).
You will also find the types of expenses usually used in the calculation of family budgets. You can modify or add them in the “January” sheet.

After you have encrypted all the monthly expenses and resources, you will get your projected monthly budget.

This is how to create a budget and save money easily.

These forecasts will be reconciled to the amounts collected and disbursed to have positive or negative differences. They will allow:

to refine the budget of the following month,
analyze and investigate the causes of deviations,
out of debt and save;